Exposition personnelle à la High Gallery, Poznan, Pologne ; du 28 décembre 2018 au 29 janvier 2019.

Solo show, High Gallery, Poznan Poland ; December 28th 2018 - January 29th 2019

High Gallery is thrilled to announce Louis Gary’s Camera Man, his first show in Poland.
Louis Gary's approach is playful, his workmanship is both impeccable and daring. The artist creates a junked up universe where sculptures are arranged in a syntax unknown to us. It feels as the narrative is interwoven with the clumsy psychoanalysis and it links the grotesque, poetry and black humour.
Expressing the magnitude of superior quality handmade object, he introduces colour with such a precise choice it seems that it almost shapes the forms; Photography being a sensitive and tricky reflector of this mysterious device: a bizarre erotic impulse flirtatiously oozes and washes over the whole exhibition.
Abstaining from intellectual and entertaining overload, Louis Gary’s works penetrate the audience on a fundamental unconscious level, which resonates with each of us, despite our background and expectations.